Amethyst- why you always need to wear it?

Amethyst is known as the stone of "spirituality" and is one of the stones with universal therapeutic properties. Its mysterious color is due to the iron content and can range from pale to dark purple and purple. The most interesting thing is that the stone has the ability to change its nuance under the influence of light and temperature.

Amethyst has long been valuable as a stone for jewelry and amulet. Amethyst protects against delusions, hasty decisions and addictions.

The word amethyst comes from the Greek word amethystos, translated "non-intoxicating", since it was used in ancient times as a remedy against alcoholism and all kinds of addictions.

Delivering with love causes reciprocity, and in family relationships it provides peace, harmony and faithfulness. Amethyst is a stone that creates an energy balance in the body, donating its owner with nobility and love. It strengthens memory, controls emotions, and incites creativity. Relieves grief, brings comfort and balance.
Amethyst is also considered a stone of wisdom and knowledge that develops intuition and mind and helps us control negative thoughts. It is known as the stone of change and can bring about any kind of change in your life. It symbolizes prosperity, wealth and abundance at all levels.

***To those involved in business, the amethyst helps to surround themselves with patrons and motivating people. It keeps them from misfortunes and financial losses, and gives them insight into business affairs.

So, you see how meaningful and important is to have this stone- either as a stone in your bag or pocket, or as a jewelry piece.  In case you love to wear bracelets, we can make it for you. Check our designs with Amethyst or share with us your idea and we can make it as you love it.  Just don't miss to wear this really magical stone!


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