For 2018- create memories, that will last a lifetime!

...Thinking a bit loud...
Slowly but surely, the end comes....The end of 2017. Even if we don't plan to do it, it will surely come...the time for thinking, for analyzing, for creating the new New Years resolution...
It was a year of 365 days... There were good times. There were emotional times. There were fabulous times. There were also hard times...
Are you one of those who struggle to calm down the highway from thoughts, crossing your mind with 230km/h?
In what was I successful?
What could I do better?
Have I cried from happiness?
What really made me sad?
Was I really loved or was I just used?
Have I really loved, or I was just still waiting in my comfort zone?
Have I told him/her about my feelings? Does he/she deserve to spend your precious energy on him/her?
Am I really happy? If not- what is that missing part of my happiness- puzzle?
Actually, a lot of things could be now different, if only we could turn back time...
But at the end, it is all up to us- to focus on what we have and do the best from it, or to focus on what we do not have...
So much things deserve to be really appreciated...
We are happy to live where no war exist! Not everyone have that blessing like us!
To be healthy!
To have kids, parents, brothers, sisters, and family we really love!
To have friends who are there when we laugh and when we cry!
To have homemade food and clean water to drink!
To drink your coffee in the morning with a lucky thought on your plate?
To have someone to call you spontaneously from far away, just to hear your voice!
To have someone who really wants to help you succeed in what you do and who is your best advertising for you!
To have that special someone who does not only love you for what you are...but loves you also despite what you are and how you behave!
To know that for someone you are so damn special!
To have the happiness to be able to go to the mountains!
To give from the heart and to receive with gratefulness!
To receive small surprises just like that?
To be able really to love? Not like those who just play games and look for the best deal...
To be really appreciated!
To hug someone you really love?
...If you still haven't noticed how rich you are, start reading from the beginning.
Do more of what makes you happy!
Spend time with those who really appreciate you and create free time for you!
Be brave to confess your feelings, even if it will make you vulnerable!
Smile! Smile as if you are smiling for the one who melts your heart!
Be yourself and believe how great you really are!
If something do not make you happy any more, change it! Make that step!
If someone is not at the same page as you, be brave and strong to let him go... even if it really makes your heart cry... You never know when he will reach the same page and comes back to you! Then will the real happiness start!
Happy New 2018th Year! Be happy and create memories, that will last a lifetime!
Thank you for walking with us towards our dream!
With love, Charisma!

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