Life academy. The power to change your world.

Dear YOU, by reading this you need to be aware that you enter a dangerous zone. A life-changing field that will dramatically change your life. It is not for everyone. 

It is not for those who no not act.
It is not for those who know everything.
It is not for those who do not want to meet someone- his own best version.
It is not for those who think that life is as it is and we cannot change it.
It is not for those who don't believe in themselves.
It is not for those who do not care about people in their life.
It is not for those who believe that they cannot change anything in their life.
It is not for those who think that they MUST do everything they do and there is no other way. 

It is for all the rest. 

Actually, life could be so beautiful, so simple and so happy. Lets look at it from the right perspective! Focus on what you have! And work hard to have what you wish to have! YES, it is possible. And it is possible because you really want it and work for it! 

Lets walk this way together with you! 

ToDAY is a DAY ONE. 

The words have the real power to change the world. Lets try together to find the right words to change more worlds! 

We take this challenge with the idea to be there for you always, when you need a hand to lift you up. When you need a warm heart to be share your happiness with. When you need two words really to change your world. 

Because everything you can is in your mind. If you still think that you cannot- it is time to change your mind. Then your world will change! 

You are welcome to write us, to comment, to share with us all believes that motivate you and make you happier.
Not only the body needs food. The most you need to take care of is what food do you give to your soul! You are what you believe! NEVER FORGET THAT!

Lets help together more people to fall in love.... to fall in love with life! 


We are here for you. And we are blessed to have you.
We hope you feel the same with us! 

 June 12th 2017. The beginning. 

Ru. Charisma. 



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